SOG continues organic growth in Q3 2018

Singapore O&G (SOG) reported a strong set of Q3 results with the company reporting year on year and quarter on quarter revenue growth.

Q3 revenue was up 18% year on year while net profit grew 23% year on year to SGD2.8 million.

The improved results is especially impressive since it was driven by organic growth and not acquisitions. Existing clinics benefited from a higher patient load  and the ramp-up of two pediatricians who joined in 2017.

Q3 revenue grew 18% year on year and 5% quarter on quarter with growth across its O&G segment (SGD0.8 million), cancer (SGD0.5 million) and paediatrics (SGD0.1 million) segments. The dermatology segment was the only segment which did not grow in Q3 and was hit by a slight SGD0.1 million decline in revenue.

SOG’s share price performance has been weak over the last five months but the company’s prospects remains bright. SOG’s share of Singapore’s private birth deliveries is 8% so there’s plenty of room for growth even if Singapore’s birth rate remains flat. The  paediatrics and cancer clinics have done well in 2018 and should continue to benefit from synergies with SOG’s core obsterics segment. Dermatology revenue has not grown in 2018 but I’m confident this segment will eventually pick up with referrals from other SOG clinics.Hang in there!


2 thoughts on “SOG continues organic growth in Q3 2018

  1. Hi Evergreen,

    I have the further inquiries on the following points and further inquiries to the management (Could you help to relay the questions to management?):

    For the point 1, do you have the percentage growth the younger O&G doctor has been driving? What is the percentage Dr Heng delivered in 2018?

    For point 2, what is management strategy to achieve 15% market share over the next 5 years? Describe your level of confidence that you are able to meet your growth targets? What is the biggest risk of stopping you achieving that growth?

    For point 6, what is management strategy to improve dermatology segment? This segment is not improving much so far, how much time management allowed before considering withdraw this segment?

    Additional inquiries to the management:

    1. What is the biggest mistake you have made last year and what you have done about it?
    2. What you have doing that your competitors have not?
    3. Who is the role module you want to benchmark?

    Thank you.


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