Kingsmen: NERF Marina Square

I wrote this note on InvestingNote last week.

Pricing for the Nerf Marina Square attraction is out!

My initial reactions:

Average pricing $23 to $39 per entry
Lower end is meant for off peak (Monday to Thursday sessions) and NERF groups who just need an obstacle course for their group games.

Kingsmen is also catering to young kids (3-6 year old) which is a good idea as Marina Square is becoming known as a kid’s theme mall(Pororo and Kidztopia).

Multi visit pass ($220) to encourage repeat visits. These tickets help to promote earnings viability. I wish they will just call it an annual pass though to make the pricing easier to understand.

If Kingsmen is able to achieve 200k visits per year for Marina Square, they can use their Marina Square attraction as a showcase example to attract investors into their foreign attractions.

Paradox of choice. There are 9 pricing options! Kingsmen should shrink the options available.

Low visitor count on weekdays. Super Park is almost empty on weekday afternoons but their pricing is higher at $32 compared to $23 for NERF. The reaction of NERF fans will be a wildcard. If they are willing to pop by on weekdays, it could be the difference between success and failure for this attraction.

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