Portfolio news this week (ending 30 May)

I’m trying to update more often so I’m exploring a regular newsletter which is relevant to the stocks in my portfolio. Let me know what you think!

Here’s some of the key news this week which could be relevant for TripAdvisor and HRNet.

TCOM earnings/China travel recovery: Trip.com reported 1Q results with revenue down 42% year on year. Domestic travel is doing well though but international travel remains weak but is improving slowly after the 1 May public holiday. New reservations for domestic hotel and air-travel have rebounded to more than 70% of previous levels. Demand for high-end hotels is also recovering faster compared to other hotels. No new details were shared on their alliance with TripAdvisor. Hopefully TripAdvisor will enjoy a similar V-shaped recovery in domestic hotel/restaurants/attraction in their core US and European markets during the third quarter of 2020. Link

Disney World and Sea World re-opening: Major US attractions are opening again. Disney World is opening again on 11 July and Sea World on 10 June. This Skift article explains why it’s so important to watch theme park arrivals.  “Visitor numbers to Disney’s flagship park in Florida will be one of the most closely eyed statistics of the next year. It’s symbolic of the travel sector’s fortunes because a visit to the Magic Kingdom typically requires a flight, significant spending, and a comfort with crowds.”  Link

Vatican Museums re-opening 1 June: Online tickets are required to restrict traffic. Guess who else sells these tickets and tours besides the Vatican Museums? TripAdvisor! Link

US air travel recovering: US air travel in May doubled month on month based on the average number of airport passengers screened by the TSA. The number of passengers screened in May (ending 28 May) is still down 90% year on year though.  TripAdvisor has minimal revenue from air travel but this is a sign that business and leisure travel is improving.Link

Travel recovery: Skift’s travel reopening timeline across countries is pretty cool.  Singapore and Hong Kong are now allowing transit traffic to resume. Link

Singapore’s SGD33 billion Fortitude budget: More than 40,000 jobs will be created as part of a SGD2 billion package to improve employment. The Jobs Support Scheme which co-funds between 25 and 75 per cent of the first SGD4,600 of monthly wages for locals will be extended by month. HRNet is involved in hiring permanent employees and the ongoing employment of temporary staffing so the company should benefit from these packages. Link



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