iFAST update: Moat growing wider

iFAST has published their 2018 annual report with the company reporting the highest growth in client accounts since it was listed. These statistics were previously released in their February 2019 results presentation but they jumped out at me when I was reading their annual report. As of end 2018, the number of client accounts grew … Continue reading iFAST update: Moat growing wider

SOG 4Q18 results: Look beyond the surface

Singapore O&G (SOG), one of my highest conviction holdings reported bad headline results on Friday night. But after digging in, the good news seem to outweigh the bad. 4Q18 revenue grew 10% year on year, recurring net profit was up 39% year on year, operating cash flow was up and the final dividend grew 1%. … Continue reading SOG 4Q18 results: Look beyond the surface

iFAST: A fast-growing company

iFAST: A fast-growing company Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft are the 3 largest companies in the world by market capitalisation as of the first quarter of 2018. What do these three companies have in common? They are all platform companies – companies that combine demand and supply and benefit from network effects. Platform companies typically see … Continue reading iFAST: A fast-growing company