Portfolio news this week(ending 11 July)

This week's news includes Singapore's election results, TripAdvisor's bond issuance and increased competition for iFAST.Singapore elections, HRNet and Singapore O&G: Singapore's ruling party, the People Action Party (PAP) returned to power (83 out of 93 seats) but had one of the lowest share of the popular vote (61%) in its history. From Bloomberg:The result could … Continue reading Portfolio news this week(ending 11 July)

Portfolio news this week (ending 30 May)

I'm trying to update more often so I'm exploring a regular newsletter which is relevant to the stocks in my portfolio. Let me know what you think! Here's some of the key news this week which could be relevant for TripAdvisor and HRNet. TCOM earnings/China travel recovery: Trip.com reported 1Q results with revenue down 42% … Continue reading Portfolio news this week (ending 30 May)

Zero sales test

How long can a company survive with zero revenue?  The COVID-19 crisis has forced governments to restrict movement so  restaurants, hotels and travel companies are faced with a grim scenario where revenue drops to zero. The cyclical companies in my portfolio such as China Aviation  Oil, TripAdvisor and HRNet are vulnerable but I subjected all … Continue reading Zero sales test

2019 year in review and most popular posts

This year was a tough year for my portfolio with 4 out of 6 stocks in the portfolio posting negative returns since I wrote about them.   Date purchased Start Now Dividend return (%) Capital return (%) Total return iFAST 22-Apr-18 0.92 1.03 7% 12% 19% Kingsmen 29-Apr-18 0.59 0.45 8% -24% -15% SOG 3-Jun-18 … Continue reading 2019 year in review and most popular posts

Portfolio review: Q3 2019 review

The five SGX companies in my portfolio reported mixed Q3 2019 results and their share prices have been depressed.These five companies should deliver growth in the future so I'm happy to hold these companies. iFAST and SOG has been the most consistent performers in terms of revenue and net profit growth and it's a painful … Continue reading Portfolio review: Q3 2019 review