Five Evergreen shares and one test

HRNet and Singapore O&G are the most profitable companies in my portfolio based on the gross profitability ratio. After reading Michael Mauboussin’s excellent Base Rate Book, I applied the gross profitability screen to my existing portfolio. Gross profitability or Gross Profits divided by Total Assets measures a company’s ability to make money and is used … Continue reading Five Evergreen shares and one test

iFAST sets SGD100 billion AUA target

iFAST announced a great set of Q2 2018 results with double digit growth in revenue, earnings and AUA (Assets under Administration) along with its ambitious 10 year vision. Net revenue grew 25% year on year to SGD30.9 million which led to net profit growing 40% to SGD2.9 million in the second quarter of 2018. AUA … Continue reading iFAST sets SGD100 billion AUA target

iFAST: A fast-growing company

iFAST: A fast-growing company Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft are the 3 largest companies in the world by market capitalisation as of the first quarter of 2018. What do these three companies have in common? They are all platform companies – companies that combine demand and supply and benefit from network effects. Platform companies typically see … Continue reading iFAST: A fast-growing company