Stock picking criteria

Choosing winners is hard. So I came up with a stock picking checklist based on my past mistakes to see if I can improve my stock picking skills. My strategy involves picking two categories of stocks: “Compounders” and “Deep value”. “Compounders” are stocks which can increase their earnings over the long term. Holding such stocks … Continue reading Stock picking criteria

2020 year in review, most popular posts and 2021 wishlist

This year is finally coming to an end but I'm grateful that most of my portfolio stocks are winners. iFAST basically rescued my overall portfolio with the stock being a 3 bagger since I picked it. Small and fast growing platforms can be amazing multi-baggers! I'm hoping that the other platforms in my portfolio such … Continue reading 2020 year in review, most popular posts and 2021 wishlist

Singapore O&G 1H 2020 results: The good and the bad

Singapore O&G (SOG) reported a decent set of 1H 2020 results despite the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. Revenue fell 4% to SGD17.8 million while net profit fell 21% to SGD3.7 million Here's the good and the bad about Singapore O&G results. Good Let's start with the good. Singapore O&G reinstated their dividend (0.5 cents). The … Continue reading Singapore O&G 1H 2020 results: The good and the bad

Singapore O&G: 6 things to note in the 2019 annual report

Am I the only SOG shareholder who has given up looking at the share price?  Anyway, here's are six key highlights from their 2019 annual report. Let's start with the bad news: Dermatology impairment Increasing competition and weak medical tourism trends in Singapore resulted in a SGD11.3 million goodwill impairment for the year. Excluding the … Continue reading Singapore O&G: 6 things to note in the 2019 annual report

Zero sales test

How long can a company survive with zero revenue?  The COVID-19 crisis has forced governments to restrict movement so  restaurants, hotels and travel companies are faced with a grim scenario where revenue drops to zero. The cyclical companies in my portfolio such as China Aviation  Oil, TripAdvisor and HRNet are vulnerable but I subjected all … Continue reading Zero sales test

2019 year in review and most popular posts

This year was a tough year for my portfolio with 4 out of 6 stocks in the portfolio posting negative returns since I wrote about them.   Date purchased Start Now Dividend return (%) Capital return (%) Total return iFAST 22-Apr-18 0.92 1.03 7% 12% 19% Kingsmen 29-Apr-18 0.59 0.45 8% -24% -15% SOG 3-Jun-18 … Continue reading 2019 year in review and most popular posts

Portfolio review: Q3 2019 review

The five SGX companies in my portfolio reported mixed Q3 2019 results and their share prices have been depressed.These five companies should deliver growth in the future so I'm happy to hold these companies. iFAST and SOG has been the most consistent performers in terms of revenue and net profit growth and it's a painful … Continue reading Portfolio review: Q3 2019 review

SOG: Delivering growth

Singapore O&G (SOG) is a healthcare company focusing on specialist practices such as obstetrics, dermatology, gynae-oncology, and paediatrics. SOG was incorporated in 2011 and listed on the SGX in 2015 with 7 doctors. Since its IPO, SOG has grown headcount mainly through doctor recruitment rather than acquisitions. The company’s only acquisition to date involved the … Continue reading SOG: Delivering growth