Portfolio review: Q1 2019 results

All five Evergreen stocks (iFAST, Kingsmen, SOG, China Aviation Oil and HRNet) reported poor results for the first quarter of 2019 but I'm sticking with them. These companies have a history of producing great results and I'm giving them 2-3 years more before I consider selling. iFAST Revenue and net profit declined because of "a … Continue reading Portfolio review: Q1 2019 results

SOG: Winning market share for 5th consecutive year

SOG’s cancer and O&G doctors gained recognition and won market share in 2018. SOG is one of my favourite medical stocks on the SGX. Their share of the private birth market grew for the fifth consecutive year. Based on their 2018 annual report, SOG specialists delivered 1,824 babies in 2018 which works out to a … Continue reading SOG: Winning market share for 5th consecutive year

Five Evergreen shares and one test

HRNet and Singapore O&G are the most profitable companies in my portfolio based on the gross profitability ratio. After reading Michael Mauboussin’s excellent Base Rate Book, I applied the gross profitability screen to my existing portfolio. Gross profitability or Gross Profits divided by Total Assets measures a company’s ability to make money and is used … Continue reading Five Evergreen shares and one test

SOG 4Q18 results: Look beyond the surface

Singapore O&G (SOG), one of my highest conviction holdings reported bad headline results on Friday night. But after digging in, the good news seem to outweigh the bad. 4Q18 revenue grew 10% year on year, recurring net profit was up 39% year on year, operating cash flow was up and the final dividend grew 1%. … Continue reading SOG 4Q18 results: Look beyond the surface

Singapore O&G: steady growth

SOG (Singapore Obstetrics and Gynaecology) is one of the cheapest healthcare companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Healthy growth across all economic conditions is a key strength for this female healthcare company with its focus on resilient specialist practices such as obstetrics, Gynae-oncology, and paediatrics. SOG was incorporated in 2011, listed on the SGX … Continue reading Singapore O&G: steady growth