Stock picking criteria

Choosing winners is hard. So I came up with a stock picking checklist based on my past mistakes to see if I can improve my stock picking skills. My strategy involves picking two categories of stocks: “Compounders” and “Deep value”. “Compounders” are stocks which can increase their earnings over the long term. Holding such stocks … Continue reading Stock picking criteria

iFAST 2Q21: Good but not great

iFAST second 2021 results were decent but not good enough for the company’s high valuation. Most of the company’s key metrics including net revenue and profit were up year on year but down quarter on quarter because of lower stockbroking commissions. This sequential decline in net profit broke the company’s winning streak where net profit … Continue reading iFAST 2Q21: Good but not great

Why iFAST has a 50% chance to be a Malaysia digital bank

iFAST is bidding with Koperasi Tentera, THZ Alliance and Mr Lee Thiam Wah, founder and major shareholder of 99 Speed Mart for one of the five Malaysia digital bank licences. The iFAST-led consortium will be known as iFAST Bank with iFAST owning a 40% stake in the digital bank. From iFAST.  “The Malaysian consortium partners … Continue reading Why iFAST has a 50% chance to be a Malaysia digital bank

Fiverr vs Upwork: 3 takeaways from my 1st gig purchase

After receiving my first Fiverr deliverable, I'm convinced that Fiverr has a strong moat and a long growth runway. I was having WordPress problems for my website and decided to try Fiverr and Upwork. Three things stood out: First, Fiverr is way ahead of Upwork in terms of buyer experience and ease of use. Fiverr … Continue reading Fiverr vs Upwork: 3 takeaways from my 1st gig purchase

iFAST: Why iFAST can afford free SGX trades

Why is iFAST cutting their SGX stockbroking fee to SGD8.80 fee for even a SGD1 million trade?  First, stockbroking is not the main business model of iFAST. Stockbroking transaction fees only made up 12.8% of their 2020 net revenue. iFAST is a diversified wealth management platform offering unit trusts, bonds and insurance products and they … Continue reading iFAST: Why iFAST can afford free SGX trades

HRNet: Almost antifragile

“Antifragile” as defined by Nassim Taleb refers to something which gets stronger during disorder. I think HRNet almost fits this description so I bought more HRNet shares after the company reported surprisingly resilient 2020 results. Healthy flexible staffing business resulted in revenue growing 2% and recurring net profit falling 4% during 2020 while operating cash … Continue reading HRNet: Almost antifragile