2020 year in review, most popular posts and 2021 wishlist

This year is finally coming to an end but I’m grateful that most of my portfolio stocks are winners.

iFAST basically rescued my overall portfolio with the stock being a 3 bagger since I picked it. Small and fast growing platforms can be amazing multi-baggers! I’m hoping that the other platforms in my portfolio such as TripAdvisor, Datadog and Fiverr will grow just as fast too!

Singapore O&G had the worst share price performance because revenue and earnings declined due to COVID-19 restrictions but things should turn around with the economy normalizing in 2021. My takeaway? Be wary about small companies which are dependent on a few star contributors.

 Date purchasedCost priceMarket priceTotal return
Kingsmen (sold)29-Apr-20180.60.3-44%

Here are the most widely viewed posts in 2020:

iFAST: Don’t bank on it! My thoughts on the probability of iFAST winning a digital banking bid. They didn’t get the banking license but I think iFAST has a good chance of achieving its SGD100 billion AUA target in end-2028 because the platform is focused on serving its customers well.

3 reasons why I’m still holding my iFAST shares. I sold some of my iFAST shares recently but this position is still the largest stock in my portfolio.

Fiverr: a 10 bagger in 5 years? This small (USD7.4 billion market cap) but high growth freelancer platform could be the next multi-bagger in my portfolio with this pandemic accelerating online retail, remote work and outsourcing trends.

iFAST: 3 myths about 2Q 2020 results: Don’t expect iFAST to grow earnings by 80% every year but20-30% earnings growth is certainly possible!

Singapore O&G: Three things to know about the new CEO. It’s always a good thing when the ex-CFO returns to work at the company!

My wishlist for 2021:

  • Singapore O&G earnings improving on the back of higher birth rates and a normalizing economy, increased adoption of SOG skincare products and more doctors joining the group.
  • HRNet earnings rebounding with new digital banks and more tech companies (eg. Zoom setting up a R&D centre in Singapore) increasing hiring activity.
  • TripAdvisor returns to growth with tourists travelling again while new media initiatives bear fruit.

Here’s to a better year in 2021! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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